Blaine Hodge's Resume


Blaine Hodge
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Address & phone number available upon request.


Seeking a position in game development, preferably in the fields of AI, animation, gameplay programmer, or gameplay design. Extensive skills in a variety of game programming areas, self-motivated, innovative, and adaptable. Willing to relocate.

Programming Skills

Extensive experience with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, DOS & 3.1, Linux and UNIX. Experience with PS2 development and GBA programming.

Programming languages include C, C++, Python, x86 assembler (Intel & AT&T syntax), Java, Visual Basic, and HTML. Some and JavaScript.

Experienced with Win32, OpenGL, DirectX, Glide, MFC, and other SDK's and libraries.

Programming skill and experience with gameplay, 3D math, rendering, physics, pipelines, skeletal animation, individual and group AI, and optimization.

Engineering skills ranging from requirement analysis, design, implementation, and testing.

Work Experience

Electronic Arts CanadaJune 1999 to Dec 2002
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Software Engineer
Worked on online, original IP, and sports titles. Worked in a variety of areas of engineering areas. Gained experience in fields including: front-end, animation, rendering, tools, optimization, and AI.

Sims Live - PC
Worked on a variety of areas of the project, chiefly in the role of fire fighter. Front-end, animation, animation control, tools, rendering, networking, and optimization. Assumed the role of render lead towards end of project.

Unanounced Title - PS2, X-Box, GameCube
Designed and implemented initial game prototype. Designed and implemented core gameplay AI engine: gameplay, input, animation, locomotion, physics, and coordinated group AI/choreography. Worked closely with animators on gameplay design and to create motion tree.

NBA Live 2003 - PS2, X-Box, GameCube, PC
Was part of the NBA Live 2003 AI team. Worked extensively on core game control logic connecting different modules in the game: AI, rendering, camera, replay, scripts, etc. Designed and implemented new presentation control modules, reducing the scope of the core AI module. Designed and implemented script & replay triggering, and replay buffer management. Designed and implemented coach AI logic. Additional work on core gameplay AI.

March Madness 2003 - PS2
Additional Programming
Coordinated with external developer migrating changes to NBA Live codebase for use in March Madness. Worked on March Madness specific script playback code and triggering logic.

University of AlbertaSept 1998 to Dec 1998
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Teaching Assistant
Teaching assistant instructing a lab section for CMPUT201, a C/C++ programming course, as well as marking course assignments.

DDES CorpMay 1998 to Aug 1998
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Software Engineer
Software engineer developing Windows desktop applications. Worked on an application making applications transparent on Windows 95.

University of AlbertaDec 1996 to Mar 1998
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Software Engineer
Software development for research experiments for the psychology department writing programs utilizing custom hardware.

Sony of CanadaSummers of 1991 to 1994
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Installation Assistant
Assistant installing language laboratories in schools.


University of AlbertaSept 1996 to April 1999
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
3 years majoring in mathematical science. Recieved a 9 in C/C++ practical programming methodology course and taught as a teaching assistant the following term.

M.E. LaZerte Composite High SchoolSept 1993 to June 1996
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Graduated with advanced diploma and honours.

Other Experience

Ohtsuka Amateur Karate FoundationJan 1998 to Apr 1999
Volunteer head instructor for child and youth karate classes.

Other Interests and Activities

Currently training in submission wrestling.

Have achieved the rank of shodan (1st degree black belt) in Wado Kai Karate and enjoy teaching children and youth.

Enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, cycling, paintball, and skiing. Other activities include game, graphics, and demo programming.

Passion for playing video games (mainly fighting, shooters, action, simulation, and driving).


Available upon request.