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This game is an entry into a Java 4K game contest. The final game size must be 4096 bytes or less. It's a big challenge trying to squeeze art & gameplay into such a small package.

Featured in The Java 4K Programming Contest.

Blaine Hodge


Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or better (here)


Take command of an attack submarine patrolling enemy waters. Seek out and destroy enemy destroyers and cargo ships. Dive under the sea to evade attacks and sneak up on hostile ships, but be careful you don't run out of air.


Left- Steer sub left.
Right- Steer sub right.
Up- Surface sub.
Down- Dive sub.
Space- Fire torpedo.


- Sub (player)
- Torpedo
- Destroyer (enemy)
- Cargo Ship (enemy)

Tips & Strategy


This is my first stab as a Java-based game. I'm very impressed with what I was able to accomplish in only 4K. It was a constant battle between what I wanted to add to the game and what would actually fit. When I figured out something new that I absolutely had to have in the game, it was a big effort to find ways to bring down the size of the .jar file to 4K or under and probably where I spent most of the time working on it. A lot of evil hackery that normally goes against everything I was taught and learned in years of programing went into squeezing the game down.

What really surprised me is then tension that can happen in the game. When your submerged, low on air, and there's 4 or 5 destroyers circling above your sub you're pretty focused on waiting for your opening without suffocating.

I'm not much of an artist (all programmer art, baby) but that probably helped save on the overall size of the game. Heh.

I'd like todo a bigger version of the game, at some point. I guess the next mark would be 16K, but it doesn't look like there's a Java contest at that size level. After the contest, I'll probably work on the beefier version just for my own amusement. :)

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Started: December 22, 2006
Released: December 29, 2006