Launch Metro4K (4090 bytes)

This game is an entry into a Java 4K game contest. The final game size must be 4096 bytes or less. It's a big challenge trying to squeeze art & gameplay into such a small package.

Featured in The Java 4K Programming Contest.

A small city building simulation. Construct as big of a city as you possibly can. Keep it powered with utilities and safe with emergency services. The higher a section goes, the bigger it gets and the more it helps to fuel the entire city system. The more successful your city becomes, the more money you get to build it even larger.

Plan your city. Make sure that industrial pollution won't hinder the growth of residential areas. Make sure there is adequet transportation with streets. Use parks around the city and the waterline to make the city more beautiful for residential and commercial districts.

There is a more detailed description at the bottom of this page.

Blaine Hodge


Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or better (here)

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Started: December 30, 2006
Released: January 3, 2007